Wednesday, March 3, 2010

March 3rd

Bumbo Chair

After Aidan rolled over...looking at Addie's toy while it lit up!

Kick kick kick Aidan.

Adelyn loves her playset...can't wait till we can put it outside.

Learning to go down the slide by herself!! Go Addie.

Caden sitting up like a big boy and playing with blocks.

Today was a hard day with Addie. She is teething really really bad and has wanted mommy all to herself. I can't wait till all of her teeth are in...this tooth will be number 5!!

Today was a big day for Aidan because he ROLLED all the way OVER!! I was so excited and so was Hollie, his mommy. Today was just a 1/2 day for Caden but he enjoyed playing with Adelyn and being Happy Baby like normal!!

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