Saturday, February 12, 2011

February 11th (Happy Early Birthday to Stacy)

The adorable cake Bridget brought me for my birthday. Thanks so much for the cake, card and candle!!
Cake time...the girls had been waiting all day.

They both enhaled the cake and didn't even taste it!! LOL

Then the girls crawled into Adelyn's Grandparent's big jacuzzi tub. They played for about 10 mins. in here with no toys or water. It was pretty funny!! Great fun day.

February 8th

Building one of Adelyn's new favorite things to do!!

Bridget jus loves the Adelyn's new Mickey Mouse Characters...pretty soon she might be getting them also!! lol

This was so cute today. The girls wanted all the little people set up so I made up a little town. They loved played with all the little people!!