Monday, September 26, 2011

September 23rd (Picnic Time)

Look at Emerson go...she is crawling and standing up on everything!! Watch Bridget and comes Emerson.

Today we had a lot of fun. We had a picnic outside for lunch..the girls loved it and really enjoyed the oreo's that came with their lunchables. (Side Note: Bridget wears the Belle costume everyday!! too cute)

September 21st (Emerson being Silly)

Emerson sucking on her arm...she was laughing and being so silly today.

The girls cooking in the kitchen while I made lunch. It was super cute how they were sharing and taking turns with the oven.

September 15th (Catepillars)

The girls painted caterpillars today!

Emerson chasing her favorite ball while the girls painted.

The girls love art!!

September 14th

Play dough for Addie and Markers for Bridget.

The girls fixing their cars with medicine and spoons. LOL We need to get some tools!!

All the girls playing together while I made lunch.

Time to play outside...everyday after lunch we all go outside to get our energy out!! Emerson also enjoys watching the girls run and climb.

Today was an easy fun playing day. The girls have been sharing really well with each other. Great day!!

Friday, September 9, 2011

September 9th

Playing in the playroom.

Emerson being silly and crazy talking.

Rocking her princess's to cute.

Loved opening the door over and over again.

Playing in all the stuffed animals.

Outside fun while Emerson took a nap.

Today was a good day..the older girls loved circle time and playing in Addie's room. The girls played with cars outside and both ate good lunches. Later in the afternoon Emerson had a harder day, tired and wouldn't take her bottles. She was happy when mommy got there to pick her up!! Have a great weekend.

September 8th (Back in Order!!)

Water table fun!!

Emerson tried but wasn't a big fan!!

Emerson had fun sitting with me in the shade watching the girls.

Her little feet!!

Today I was ready to start taking pictures again. While we were on vacation, in Florida, I took so many pictures I was pictured out and extremely tired. Today was the perfect day to take some cute pics of the girls. Emerson had a great day..crawling all over the place. And Addie and Bridget loved playing with the water. Great Day!!