Friday, February 26, 2010

February 26th

Caden found Adelyn's monkey from her Great Grandma today and he loved it!! He just laughed and laughed. Too cute.

Adelyn giving kisses...well is always giving kisses now!! LOL

Me with the babies.
Today I just had Caden since Hollie, Aidan's mommy, has Friday's off!! Caden was super happy today while Adelyn was not the happiest. We enjoyed counting numbers, playing with stuffed animals and listening to songs. I am glad it is the weekend and ready for some much needed rest time!!

February 25th

Caden who is always sooo Happy!!

Aidan and Caden playing while Addie sleeps.

Happy Aidan rolling to his side!!
Caden sitting up like a BIG BOY!! Go Caden Go Caden.
All three babies!! Woo Hoo

Oh how cute!

Caden (almost 6 months), Adelyn (9 months), Aidan (3 1/2 months) All together now!

Today was the first day that I had Aidan and Caden at the same time. To tell you the truth it was a lot of fun and the day went by so fast since I was running around...feeding bottles, breakfast, lunch and putting kids down for naps! Adelyn now got just a little jealous and was the hardest one to deal with since she is such a mama's girl!! We had so much fun singing songs, reading books, and playing in the playroom. Looking forward to more exciting days and watching the kids learn new things!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

February 24th

Adelyn loves climbing through her tunnels in her new playset!!

Go Aidan...he is getting so close to rolling over for me!! He has already done it for mommy and daddy but I want to see!!

Aidan got so tired from playing that he just passed out downstairs...too bad Addie didn't follow his lead!! LOL
Today Aidan really enjoyed singing songs with me while Adelyn slept. Adelyn really enjoyed kissing and trying to get Aidan to play today!! Great day.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

February 23rd

Holding hands!!

Aidan holding his toy !!

Look at me hold my head up so HIGH!! Go Aidan.
Today we had lots of fun being on our tummie's and reading lots of books.

Monday, February 22, 2010

February 22nd

Today was fun with Aidan and Addie. Addie loves to give him kisses...over and over again!! Aidan is also doing awesome at holding toys and turning to his side!! Woo Hoo Go Aidan

February 15th (Caden Day!)

Reading books.

Caden can pick up balls now!! woo hoo

No Fear!!

He is too cute!!
Today Addie and Caden had so much fun playing today. They really loved playing with all the balls.

February 8th (Caden Day)

Playing in our new finished playroom!! Yah

Ohh how sweet!!

Happy Addie.
Today we had lots of fun playing down in the playroom and reading lots of books!!

February 3rd (Baby Aidan Day)

Aidan with his mom Hollie picking him up!!
Today we had fun playing in the playroom and listening to nursery rhymes.