Saturday, December 10, 2011

December 9th (Christmas Projects)

The girls painting their Christmas Trees. We have made Reindeers with our hands and foot, snowmen and now Christmas Trees. Next week will be Bridget and Emerson's last week, so we will be making lots more fun projects. Christmas is just around the corner...the girls are super excited!!

December 8th (Hide and Seek Anyone?)

Erica brought me lots of baby clothes to use for Ella today...Thanks!! The girls wanted to look and see the cute little outfits.

Peek a boo in there tent I made them.

Emerson trying to get me.

Play food is one of her favorite things to play with.

I see someone's arm.

Cheeseburger!! LOL

Today the girls had so much fun playing with there tent. They now play hide and seek everyday after lunch around the house. So I got the idea to make a fun tent with the table. They were very excited. Great day!!

Friday, December 2, 2011

December 2nd (Mia visits!!)

Today Mia and Amy stopped by to visit and let the girls play together. Well I will say 3 totally changes the dynamitics of these girls. Bridget was very quiet when Mia first got there and Mia was super excited to play with all of our toys. Adelyn didn't think much about it. They had fun dancing and playing hide in seek. Emerson loved watching the girls play and run around. Fun day...HAPPY FRIDAY!!

December 1st (Grocery Store)

Grocery Store

I set up a grocery store for the girls to pretend shop!! They loved it.

Giving me money for her purchase.

Bridget really liked the cake mixes and

Bridget giving her money to me who checked them out!!


Emerson is getting so BIG...starting to take a few steps here in there on her own!! What a big 9 month old.

Emerson playing peek a boo with me and the girls in the playhouse.

Today was a fun day. The girls had so much fun grocery shopping and playing babies today. Bridget loves to dress the babies up. Emerson was super super happy and enjoys watching the girls do so much...she can't wait till she is that big!!