Monday, May 3, 2010

May 3rd

Lunch time!!

Addie's first time painting with a brush...she did great!!

Caden's first time painting with a brush...I think he wanted to eat it more than paint!! LOL

The boys are both trying to crawl now and Caden has two teeth coming through!!

Playing with of her favorites!!
Aidan practicing his moves....he is now starting to crawl!!

Aidan's first time painting. He loved it!!

Silly messy baby.

Today was a great fun day with a 3 babies!! We all ate lunch together which was a blast...feeding two babies plus me and making sure Addie has food was hilarious!! We also painted with a brush and Aidan got to paint for the first time. After Aidan's last bottle Adelyn, Aidan and I all headed out for a walk in the new USED double stroller. It was so much fun going on a walk....I was excited to get out and about!!

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